Audition at Columbia Records

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Jay David recently shared how the band auditioned fo Record Company Exec' Clive Davis :

"After 8 months wood-shedding in Gales Ferry , Connecticut (the 5 of us living in a big house in the woods ), playing every day and night - music that is - and getting very tight, the call came to drive down to NYC to audition for Clive Davis at the BIG BLACK ROCK (the 80 story high CBS building) .

Up the elevator we went to the 80th floor,where we were met at the elevator by Clive and 2 V.P's who then escorted us down the hallway to a room with a concert sized stage and 3 chairs .This was the room where Clive and 2 others decided whether we had a future in music or not.........

OK, so there we were faced with a big decision.We knew what we wanted to play for this man, but the idea of just playing,like a REGULAR band,was very scary - after all,we weren't no Blood,Sweat and Tears or Chicago or any of the other groups Clive Davis auditioned in this very same room !! So,I'm not sure what came over me (probably panic),but I asked Mr. Davis where his office was . He replied that it was across the hall...the next thing he knew we were in an office the size of Rhode Island with a marble kidney shaped desk(I've swam in pools smaller than his desk) As Dennis was taking out his acoustic guitar,I asked Davis if I could step behind his desk and use his trash can for a minute...THEN commenced what Davis in his book "Clive,Inside The Music Business" called the most outrageous audition in his whole career .

Picture this : Dennis and Ray singing, George and Dennis playing guitars,Billy and Ray doing the Southern Monkey Dance,while yours truly has turned Davis' trash can over on his desk and I'm banging away for dear life itself... Ron Haffkine told us about 15 minutes later that Davis said"I must have that group" and we signed the deal later that afternoon. If we had auditioned like a NORMAL band,we would probably be serving up hamburgers at Macdonalds this very day.... "

Love to all, Jay "

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