• September 25th 1932
    Shel (Sheldon Allen) Silverstein born in Chicago , Illinois
  • February 1st 1937
    Ray Sawyer born in Chicksaw , Alabama
  • July 28th 1938
    George Cummings born Meridian , Mississippi
  • Jan 16th 1942
    Billy Francis born in Ocean Springs , Mississippi
  • March 3rd 1944
    Jance Garfat born in Califirnia
  • April 28th 1945
    John (Christian) Wolters born in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey (according to Wikepedia),
  • July 6th 1945
    Richard (Rik) Elswit born in California
  • xxx
    Rod Smarr born in Atlanta Ga. , 1947
  • August 8th 1948
    John (Jay) David born in Bayonne , New Jersey
  • June 13th 1949
    Dennis Locorriere born in Jersey City , New Jersey
  • 1950
    Billed as "Little John David from Bayonne New Jersey" , Jay began performing at the age of 2 on New York City's NBC radio. Jay could be heard singing live each Sunday on the Horn and Hardardt Children's Hour show.
  • April 29th 1951
    Bob "Willard" Henke born xxx , yyy
  • Sept 1960
    SANDY RECORDS (Owned by Johnny Bozeman and Paul Dubois ) , based in Mobile Alabama , release Ray Sawyer's first single , "Rockin' Satellite" b/w "Bells in my heart"
  • Sept 1962
    SANDY RECORDS release second Ray Sawyer single , "I'm gonna leave" b/w "You gave me the right"

  • 1964
    Aged 16 , Jay won the US National Championship in Drum & Bugle Corps.
  • 1966 - Portland , Oregon
    Ray Sawyer seriously injured in automobile accident. Injuries include loss of right eye . Rolling Stone Iss 131 described the acciden : ".. he was sleeping in the passenger seat of a Corvair ...they hit a guardrail. Ray woke up with blood in both eyes. The right front wheel of the Corvair had pinned him up against the seat and just before he passed out, he remembers the flashing lights, someone giving commands and someone else cutting him out with a blowtorch. He spent a year in the hospital and another six months back home in Chickasaw, getting well. They had removed his eye and put a steel brace in his leg. "
  • 1967-68
    Ray , Billy & George form band The Chocolate Papers . Other members of this band were Bobby Dimingus (drums), Popeye Phillips (drums) and Jimmy "Wolf Cub" Allen (bass).
  • 1968 - N.J
    Popeye Philips leaves and is invited to join Chris Hillman & Gram Parson (ex-Byrds) . They , along with bassist Chris Ethridge & pedal steel guitarist Sneaky Pete Kleinow , name themselves The Flying Burrito Brothers. The band recorded their debut album, The Gilded Palace Of Sin, for A & M Records in 1969.
  • 1968 - 69
    Jay David was the drummer for world famous Country Music artist Brenda Lee (famous for the hit " I'm Sorry " )
  • Feb 1969 - Union City , N.J
    George had formed a band and the owner asked him to come up with a name so he could put a sign up in front of the club. He borrowed a pencil from him and on a piece of paper wrote "Doctor Hook & The Medicine Show, straight from the South, serving up soul music." That's exactly how the name came about.
  • 1970 - New York
    Ron Haffkine is working as Musical Director on the Dustin Hoffman film "Who is Harry Kellerman and why is he saying these terrible things about me?" Music and Songs by Shel Silverstein .

  • 1970 - New York
    While working as the staff drummer for Mercury Records in New York City, Jay heard a demo of the Shel Silverstein penned song "The Last Morning" and was subsequently asked to become the drummer for the new act responsible for recording the demo, ”Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show”.
  • 1970
    Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show perform music for and appear in "Who is Harry Kellerman..."
  • 1970
    Clive Davis sign the band to Columbia Records following an unorthodox and unforgettable audition !

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    about the audition !
  • May 15th 1972
    Dennis & Jay record the basis if what is to become the classic track "Carry me , Carrie" in a recording Studio in Chicago .

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    about the recording session
  • November 9th 1972
    "Dr Hook's VD and Medicine Shows" article in Rolling Stone Iss 121

    Read It !
    March 23rd 1973
    "Dr Hook ~ This Is Your Life" article in Rolling Stone Issue 131

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    April 1974
    Dr Hook & The Medicine Show tour the UK , including :
    April 3rd ~ Barbarella's , Birmingham
    April 5th ~ Stone Ground , Manchester
    April 6th ~ Rainbow Theatre , London
    April 7th ~ Pavillion , Hemel Hempstead
    July 31st 1975
    "Goodbye Bunny ~ Hello Dr Hook" article in Rolling Stone Iss 192

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  • 1977
    Capitol Records release Ray Sawyer solo album
  • March 22nd 1979
    "Dr Hook overtime an identity crisis" article in Rolling Stone Issue 287

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  • 1982
    George Cummings collaborates with Anthony Robertson with Happy Gospel Boogie .

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    Happy Gospel Boogie

  • Photo courtesy of Anthony Robertson ,
    taken at The Dusty Stables 1982
  • May 19th - June 18th 1985
    Dr.Hook perform their "One and Only Farewell Tour" of UK
  • But Dennis assures us .....
    "There is a happy ending !"
  • September 10th 1987
    "Dr Hook - Where are they now ?" article in Rolling Stone Issue 508

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  • 1989 - New York City
    Shel phones Dennis to invite him to perform his one man show "The Devil and Billy Markham" at the Lincoln Center . Dennis agrees to do it !
  • May 1991
    Dennis Locorriere visits UK for First Solo Tour
  • May 1992
    EMI Release "Completely Hooked" compilation CD
  • 1992
    Dennis Locorriere undertakes 5-week mini-tour of UK and promotes "Completely Hooked"
  • 1994
    Dennis Locorriere undertakes mini-tour of UK
  • June 16th 1997
    John Wolters dies of Liver Cancer
  • May 10th 1999
    Shel Silverstein found dead (Heart Attack) at his Key West home
  • 2000
    Dennis releases solo cd "Out of the Dark"
  • 2002
    Jay David releases solo CD "Didn't It Rain" .
    All instruments played by Jay Himself !

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    Jay's solo work
  • May 2002
    "Dr Hook featuring Ray Sawyer" Tour Bus involved in minor accident .
    Ray is hospitalised with a collapsed lung but is back on the road within a few weeks .
  • Oct 2002
    Ray Sawyer's eldest son Michael sadly passes away following a heart attack
  • Sept 20th 2003
    George Cummings and other guests appear with Baby Blues in Orlando , Florida at a charity concert for the homeless

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    about Baby Blues
  • 2003???
    "Alone with Dennis Locorriere" CD released
  • December 2003
    "Alone with Dennis Locorriere" concert available on DVD
  • November 6th 2006
    Jance Garfat (62) tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in Oakland , Ca .
  • Feb 26th 2007
    EMI Records release "Dr Hook Hits & History" CD & DVD package
  • March 2nd 2007
    Dennis kicks-off a 35 date tour of UK to promote the "Hits & History" package . Dennis is accompanied by 5-piece All-Star band comprising :
    Clive Gregson
    Andy Roberts
    Sev Lewkowicz
    Martin Hughes
    Mark Griffiths

    Please click HERE to see Dennis & his band's itinerary

    or read Sev's Tour Diary (© Sev Lewkovicz 2007)

    If you missed the tour , don't PANIC ... 'cos .....

  • Photo by Judy Totton © 2007
  • July 16th 2007

    "The Dr Hook - Hits & History Tour" show at Dartford's 'The Orchard'
    was recorded for DVD
    Release Dates :
    UK July 16th
    Europe July 27th
    USA Sept 18th
    Australia - TBA - Watch this space

    Available from all good stores - and a few bad ones - including Amazon & HVM
    For more infomation including track details , video snippets and On-Line Ordering from Dennis' Web Site , please click on DVD cover !
  • Sylvia's Mother say BUY THIS DVD NOW !
  • May 23rd 2010
    Billy Francis (born : William Allen Francis III) dies in Nashville , aged 68.
    Billy had stomach surgery earlier in the year for a burst or ruptured ulcer .
    "Complications" followed including pneumonia , blood poisoning and a fall resulting in a broken hip.
    There was also mention of prostate cancer.
  • Former band members Ray & Dennis both left moving tributes to Billy on their respective Web Sites .

    Read them HERE
  • June 15th 2012
    Rod Smarr (born : John Roderick Smarr Jnr) dies in Nashville , aged 65.
    Cause of Death : Pancreatic Cancer .
  • Nashville Newspaper "The Tenessean" printed a short obituary and family notice .
    Read it HERE .

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