Dr. Hook ~

Dr. Hook has had a roller-coaster career from the bottom to the top, back down and now backup again. There was a point a few years ago when they had several top hits and gold records such as "Sylvia's Mother" and "Cover Of The Rolling Stone," but one day they woke up and found they were bankrupt. Instead of worrying about it, they switched labels to Capitol and released an album called, what else, "Bankrupt." The single "Only Sixteen," a remake of the old Sam Cooke tune, took on to certified gold and they were on their way again.

Their second Capitol album, "A Little Bit More," solidified their second rise of popularity. The album, which is still on Cash Box's chart, not only contained "Only Sixteen," but also the smash title track which went to #9 on the CB singles chart and remains listed after nearly six months as it nears gold. In addition, Dr. Hook has recently stormed the country community by moving to and recording in Nashville, having a hit country single with"A Couple More Years" (also on the "A Little Bit More" LP) and even making an appearance on the Grand Ole Opry. Yet another single from the same album, "If Not You," was released Nov.15.

Ray Sawyer, one of Dr. Hook's founding members and well-known as one of their lead singers (the one with the eye-patch), has also taken on a solo venture. His first single, "(One More Year Of) Daddy's Little Girl," was released Oct.11 and is on Cash Box's singles chart.

While still irreverent and humorous onstage, Dr. Hook's latest album and singles reflect an expanding of musical horizons to include ballads and softer love songs which have been whole heartedly embraced by old and new fans as well as AM, FM, progressive, MOR and country radio stations alike.

It's only been four years since their first album was released, but it's been a long crazy ride for Ray Sawyer, Dennis Locorriere, Jance Garfat, Rik Eiswit, Bill Francis and John Wolters, whose futures look brighter than ever .

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